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Knowledge Network

A think tank for climate neutrality!

Sharing information

Raising climate awareness

Within the framework of the ”Climate Neutrality Knowledge Network”, we continuously collect knowledge and information on the topic of climate neutrality and pass it on to our customers, the media, and the (expert) audience in the form of fact sheets, blog articles or within the context of school projects. By doing so, we aim to raise climate awareness and sensitize the wider population on the importance of greenhouse gas mitigation and climate neutrality.

Developing measures

Setting new standards together

The knowledge network currently consists of six partner organisations. Within the framework of a CCCAworking group we work together to develop guidelines and standards for the climate neutrality of companies and organisations in Austria. As a think tank, we promote social and political discourse and help to set the course towards a climate-friendly future.

Our permanent projects

makingAchange is a cooperation between science and schools. In collaboration with the CCCA (climate change centre austria) and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, the university of natural resources and life sciences vienna (BOKU) supports students from all over austria to calculate the carbon footprint of their schools.Moreover, they develop strategies to achieve climate neutrality. The Project "Climate Change and Sustainability" is a Best Practice example for Austria and is part of the national climate strategy.
The university of natural resources and life sciences vienna (BOKU) is significantly involved in the working group "climate neutral universities",which wants to promote the transformation towards climate neutrality in research, education and administration in the tertiary education sector. Universities can make an important contribution to climate protection, because their greenhouse gas emissions are still substantial.      
Together with the federal Environment Agency and the University of Technology Graz, the university of natural resources and life sciences vienna (BOKU) developed the CO2 accounting tool "ClimCalc". A userfriendly tool to calculate the carbon footprint. This tool helps students and organisations to calculate their emissions and to reduce their carbon footprint.

On the topic of climate neutrality


Here you can download fact sheets, position statements, and publications on the topic of climate neutrality. For further information, you can also check out our blog.