Think Tank for climate neutrality

The Paris Agreement 2015 requires all sectors to be climate neutral as soon as possible.
The aim of the working group on climate neutrality is to create a scientific basis for the climate neutrality of companies, organizations and local authorities in Austria.
Elements of this scientific basis - and thus tasks of the working group - are:

  1. Definition of the term climate neutrality to support its uniform use
  2. Standardized accounting of all GHG emissions (emission factors, balance limits, scope 1, 2 and 3)
  3. Criteria for evaluating measures to reduce emissions with regard to global, national and sectoral reduction targets
  4. Criteria for evaluating compensation measures
  5. Scientific preparatory work for or support for the development of a national standard and label
  6. Criteria for evaluating climate neutrality roadmaps from companies, organizations and local authorities (benchmarks, best practices)

The climate neutrality working group synthesizes the state of the art in science and technology and prepares it according to the requirements of the users.

More information about the CCCA working group can be found on the website of the Climate Change Centre Austria. 


What does climate neutrality mean in the context of companies?