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BOKU Climate Neutrality
Competence Center

With great pleasure and scientific expertise, we accompany you on your path to climate neutrality.

Our Offer

We make climate neutrality possible.

We provide you with independent information, expert advice, and tried and tested tools to successfully facilitate climate mitigation and advocacy.

We raise awareness on the topic of climate neutrality and provide tangible knowledge, orientation, and information to our customers and the expert audience.

We identify potential areas for the prevention of CO2 emissions for our customers and develop appropriate strategies and tools for greater climate protection and climate neutrality in their organisations.

We develop and supervise
BOKU climate and environmental projects in countries of the global south and thus provide our customers with the possibility of a scientifically proven CO2compensation programme.

What Distinguishes Us

Our climate expertise is research-based and independent

As a university institution, we are independent and transparent.

Our non-profit status guarantees independent and science-based information,transparent processes, and critical perspectives.

We know how to achieve climate neutrality.

Our numerous BOKU research projects and our many years of experience with international climate mitigation projects have made us specialists in climate neutrality.

Climate Protection Projects
Business customers
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Prognostizierte CO2Reduction
50000 t

More than just compensation

Our BOKU climate protection projects

BOKU climate mitigation projects offer much more than just reduction advice and compensation of greenhouse gas emissions. We emphasize on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with economic and social aspects of the local population being taken into account and the social value of mitigation activities. Our scientific advisory board ensures high standard compliance.

What does climate neutrality actually mean?

Maximilian Auer – one of our student – explains the concept of climate neutrality on the basis of an epic underground battle in his short film "THE CLIMATE FIGHT": Two dangerous adversaries challenge "emission". Will the challengers succeed in winning the fight and preventing the escalation of the climate crisis... ?

Our Approach

For us, climate protection means...

Prevent - Reduce - Compensate

Prevent - Reduce - Compensate

As a reputable partner in matters of climate and environmental initiatives, it is important for us to first exhaust all possibilities of CO2prevention and reduction. This is why we don't just offer our customers carbon offsetting programmes, but also climate services to support them in cutting their emissions.

Certified quality

Certified quality

All BOKU climate mitigation projects are carefully selected by a scientific advisory board and are subject to strict monitoring. Our calculations of CO2 emissions are based on the IPCC principles and CDM technologies.

Effective and holistic benefits

Effective and broad benefits

Our climate mitigation projects store around 150,000 tons of CO2. In addition, we place great value on biodiversity, gender equality, participation, and education. More than 90 percent of donations go directly to our climate mitigation projects, as our staff is financed by BOKU funds or through consulting projects.

Raising awareness

Raising awareness

For us, climate protection also means actively raising awareness! This also includes conveying tangible knowledge, orientation, and information to our customers and the general public

Our Projects

With scientific expertise
and with great pleasure we are working on
advancing the path to climate neutrality .

That's why we develop for our
partners and customers
suitable tools and share
the knowledge to
support them on their journey.