CO2Accounting Tool

ClimCalc is an Excel-based tool to create a carbon2footprint. It was created according to the criteria of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and includes greenhouse gas emissions of scopes 1, 2 and 3. The following main emission items can be recorded with ClimCalc:
  • use of energy (electricity & heat)
  • Mobility (commute, business trips, etc.)
  • use of materials (Prints, IT equipment, refrigerants, etc.)
The tool was specially tailored for educational institutions, but can be used by various organizations. ClimCalc is freely accessible and the current version, as well as instructions and further information can be found on the website Climate neutral universities and colleges .

The working group for climate-neutral universities and colleges is constantly working to advance the degree hike to climate neutrality and accompanies all participating educational institutions on this path. Information and practical tips, such as various measures for reduction of greenhouse gases, are being shared for this purpose

As part of the project, workshops are offered by Graz University of Technology and BOKU. A few presentations were recorded and can be viewed on the Gradwanderer Youtube channel. angesehen werden.