BOKU Climate Mitigation Projects

Counteracting the pressure on local forests

In Nepal, large areas of forest are dwindling, while grasslands and shrublands are steadily increasing due to the extraction of short-term fertile farmland. The earthquake in 2015 also increased the pressure on forests as a resource for construction and firewood. The main goal of this BOKU carbon sequestration project is to reforest about 80 ha in the regions of Gauri Sankar and Siwalik, of which 20 ha will be used as agricultural land. In addition, 500 efficient bio-gas furnaces will be put into operation.

Combination of forestry and agriculture as key to success

Besides ecological aspects, economic, and social aspects are in the foreground. To counteract forest degradation and its negative social consequences, national and local stakeholders were therefore involved in the selection of the regions in a participatory manner. The decisive factor in the selection of Gauri-Sankar and Siwalik was that they have great potential for establishing a sustainable agroforestry system that can serve as an additional source of income for the local population.

Involvement of local actors and knowledge transfer

Together with the management committees of Gauri Sankar and Siwalik, a reforestation and forest management plan was (among other things) drawn up, best practice examples presented, and training sessions held. Capacity development courses were on sustainable agriculture and forestry (forest management, seedling propagation, and forest fire protection) were conducted, as well as the start-up of tree nurseries to ensure the durability and stability of the project. In this win-win situation, CO2 is mitigated by reforestation, further emissions and harmful flue gases are reduced (cooking stoves), and a new economic basis is created.

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Reforestation, Forest Protection and Agroforestry in Siwalik and Gauri-Sankar / Nepal

Emissions Reduction17.700 t CO2-eq in 30 years

Project DurationStart 2016, monitoring for 30 years.

Project Costs390.000 €

Costs per Tonne of CO222,0 €

Situation without the ProjectForest degradation and deforestation

GoalReforestation of 80 ha of fallow land and establishment of agroforestry