Forest conservation and species protection through nature conservation contracts and land purchase

The area of this REDD+ nature conservation project is located in the center of Colombia, near Dorada. In order to protect the local fauna and flora from overgrazing and forest degradation, an area of 600 hectares is being developed as a model farm within the Las Mercedes project and a further 7,000 hectares are being sustainably managed in cooperation with local farmers. Sustainable management will lead to higher yields in the long run and ensure the protection of the forest against deforestation. Furthermore, the forest will be used for research and art purposes as a method for sustainable awareness-raising. Through this project, 12,000 tons of CO2 are stored in the Las Mercedes project every year.

Forest Protection in the Colombian Rainforest (REDD+ Project)

Emissions Reduction12.000 t CO2-Äquivalente jährlich über 12 Jahre, Einbehaltung eines Risikopuffers von 35%.

Project DurationStart 2020, support and monitoring for 12 years

Project Costs1.250.000 €

Costs per Tonne of CO2215,5 €

Situation without the ProjectDeforestation and overgrazing

GoalProtection of a 600ha core area and 7,000h of adjacent land from deforestation. Transfer of the land into a sustainable agroforestry system (buffalo farming in the forest) with higher yields compared to the situation without the project.

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