BOKU Climate Mitigation Projects

Sustainable management of pastures and forests

In order to address the problems of deforestation in Ethiopia, a participatory process with local stakeholders was launched in the framework of the BOKU climate protection project in North-Gondar.So-called "fenced areas" were identified by local communities to be protected from grazing by fencing, enabling controlled reforestation and natural regeneration of the areas. As a result CO is sunk in the form of biomass and in the soil.  The areas are jointly managed by the local population and the goal is to create a 30-hectare forest over a period of 30 years, which will sink and store at least 5,300 tonnes of CO2.

Reforestation and Natural Reforestation in North-Gondar / Ethiopia (CONCLUDED)

Emissions Reduction5.300 t CO2 in 30 years

Project DurationStart 2012, monitoring for 30 years.

Project Costs131.600 €

Costs per Tonne of CO2225,0 €

Situation without the ProjectDeforested region and overgrazing

GoalTransformation of 30 ha of fallow land to an unevenly-aged stable coppice forest