BOKU Climate Mitigation Projects

Local commitment with global impact

Tropical rainforests are the most species-rich ecosystems on earth and at the same time indispensable for stabilizing the global climate. In January 2016, an area of 14.6 hectares was reforested and converted into a secondary rainforest. This will sequestrate approx. 4,400 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere through above-ground and underground CO2-storage and the trained local employees will ensure that the project is locally anchored. The reforestation will be organized and coordinated by the Institute of Botany at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in coordination with the Austrian Rainforest Association and the Tropical Station La Gamba.

Afforestation and Agroforestry in San Miguel / Costa Rica (fully financed)

Emissions Reduction4.400 t CO2 in 30 years

Project DurationStart 2016, monitoring for 30 years.

Project Costs136.000 €

Costs per Tonne of CO2231,0 €

Situation without the ProjectIncreased deforestation in the region and lack of resources for afforestation

GoalTransfer of approx. 15 ha fallow land into a secondary rainforest